Project Details: Extranet

Groupalia is one of the most important companies for deal offers in Spain. Its product catalogue is huge and its e-commerce website reaches over one million visitors per month. The product catalogue includes several categories like Travel, Restaurants, Health, etc. As the business has grown throughout the years, our technical support for this company had to be adopted in order to be up-to-date and fulfill all of our customer's needs.

We supported our client on the implementation of the new extranet for Groupalia's providers.

The project included the creation of a new point of access for Groupalia's providers. Our team was involved in the implementation of the new providers' website. In detail:

  • Creation of a new website using Zend Framework.
  • Migration of all the features already available on the new website through APIs calls.
  • New management systems for providers, such as export of statistics (number of orders, client reports, etc...)
  • Implementation of new features.

Project Details: Search

We supported our client on the implementation of the new search for Groupalia products.

The project included the implementation of a new search engine, which would be more reliable and faster in respect to the previous one. When Groupalia's catalogue started to expand more and more every month, several issues came up as the search engine wasn't able to properly answer customers' searches and requests. For this reason Groupalia decided to adopt a new system relying on Elasticsearch, a powerful solution which allowed to quickly solve all problems. We were actively involved in the Elasticsearch installation and setup. Queries have been customised in order to offer fast and correct searches. Other cache systems have been used and adopted in order to offer faster responses. In detail:

  • Support on Elasticsearch setup and installation
  • Creation of Elasticsearch queries and adaptation on Zend Framework
  • Integration with other cache systems like Redis

Project Details: Directory

We supported our client on the adaptation of a NoSQL solution in order to have a lighter load when accessing the website.

The project included the integration of Cassandra, a NoSQL database, in order to serve requests on Groupalia's pages. The aim of this project was to avoid heavy load on the existing servers, efficiently increase SEO by implementing a new URL hierarchy and content structure, and move part of the frontend from a legacy Magento to Zend Framework. Our team was involved in part of the architecture design and helped adapting the existing calls in order to use the new database system. In detail:

  • Architecture design following NoSQL best practices.
  • Adaptation of part of relational logic to become a no-relational one.
  • Data creation/update automatisation.
  • Customisation of Cassandra libraries in Zend Framework